Västerås cycle man strikes again

Yet another woman appears to have been attacked by 'the cycle man of Västerås', who has been preying on women in the centre of the city in recent weeks.

A 22 year old woman reported on Thursday that she had been sexually harassed by a man on a bike, according to Aftonbladet.

That makes a total of four cases of sexual harassment and six or seven rape attempts which police have linked to the cycle man. The attacks have all followed the same pattern:

The man cycles around at night in central Västerås, either cycling into young women or feigning injury to lure them near him.

In all cases so far, the young women have managed to escape from the man.

Mannen har nattetid dykt upp på sin cykel i centrala Västerås och antingen kört på unga kvinnor eller spelat skadad för att lura dem i närheten.

I samtliga fall har de unga kvinnorna lyckats fly från mannen.