Lindh killer ‘should not go to Serbia’

Anna Lindh's killer, Mijailo Mijailovic, should serve out his sentence in Sweden. That is the opinion of the Liberal Party's Johan Pehrson, chairman of the Swedish parliament's justice committee.

Mijailovic was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of former foreign minister Anna Lindh. He subsequently gave up his Swedish citizenship and applied for permission to serve his sentence in Serbia. In August Serbian authorities responded that they did not see any international legal obstacles to prevent the prisoner’s transfer.

Johan Pehrson however is against the move, citing Anna Lindh’s criticism of Serbia for its conduct in the war in the late 1990s as a reason for keeping the prisoner in Sweden.

“The court has concluded that this person murdered our foreign minister, and we have every reason to see to it that he serves his sentence in Sweden, at least for the foreseeable future, before maybe facilitating a transfer at a later date”, Pehrson told Sveriges Radio.

Mijailovic’s transfer may be an issue that the newly elected government will have to tackle but it is unclear whether the other parties in the government alliance share Pehrson’s stance.