Peeing trucker finds TV stash in woods

A trucker going for a pee in the woods on Thursday got a surprise when he stumbled across a pile of 26 brand-new televisions.

The truck driver made the discovery near a layby in Björkäng, near Varberg in southern Sweden. He told police that he saw a man hiding among the boxes, who ran away when he realised he’d been spotted.

Police said that the driver knew he had stumbled across something untoward and called the police.

A search for man who ran away was launched by police, but they have so far failed to track him. They say they do not know whether he had a direct link to the find.

What the televisions were doing in the forest is so far unclear. The equipment is worth 310,000 kronor altogether.

“They could have been taken there in a truck and have been put in the forest for someone else to come and fetch them,” said police spokesman Jan Niklasson to local paper Hallands Nyheter.

“Alternatively, someone could have stolen them from a truck when a driver stopped at the layby for a rest, and left them there to collect later.”

Niklasson said he could not remember finding so many stolen goods before in the Varberg area. Police say they have not had a report of a large number of televisions being stolen, but they hope that the owner of the TV-sets will not be too hard to trace.