Schoolgirl forced into gynaelogical test

An Uppsala schoolgirl was taken out of school by police and subjected to a gynaecological examination, after concerns were raised that she might have been circumcised.

The test showed that the girl, 11, had not had her genitals mutilated. Now, social services, the Uppsala County Council and the local police authority have been reported to Sweden’s Justice Ombudsman.

The decision to force the girl to undergo the examination was taken after a district nurse raised suspicions that the girl had been taken away and mutilated. The nurse informed social services, who in turn reported her suspicions to the police.

“It is wrong that certain individuals’ prejudices, and what we consider to be an unwillingness to find out the facts, should have such serious consequences for a little girl,” said Lina Gidlund of the Uppsala Discrimination Office, to Swedish Radio.