Social Democrat suspected in computer scandal

The Swedish election may be over but one issue is far from resolved. Indeed, the scandal surrounding the Liberal party's unauthorised access of the Social Democrats' computer network continues to grow.

Now one of the Social Democrats’ own members, a representative of the youth wing (SSU), is suspected of involvement.

According to Svenska Dagbladet, the SSU representative logged in to the party’s Sapnet system without permission, using a password belonging to another party member.

“There have been several cases of unauthorised access,” said prosecutor Maria Häljebo to the paper.

The SSU man denies the crime, and is refusing to comment further on the allegations.

He had previously been identified as the person who handed over the log-in details to the press secretary in the Liberals’ youth movement, Per Jodenius. The password is thought to have been passed on by Jodenius and now several members of the Liberal Party are suspected of unauthorised access, or being an accessory to the crime.

Among those under suspicion is the Liberals former party secretary, Johan Jakobsson, who resigned shortly after the affair became public.

The party’s press chief, Niki Westerberg – who is now taking a ‘time-out’ from her duties – is also suspected of involvement.