New problem delays nuclear reactor restart

A new problem at the Forsmark nuclear power plant has delayed the restart of the Forsmark 2 reactor, after a two month stoppage. The reactor was due to start over the weekend but a fault was discovered in the detection system.

“It is a system where we monitor the nuclear fission process at the beginning of the start-up,” said Claes-Inge Andersson, head of information at Forsmark, to TT.

The system itself monitors the flow of neutrons in the reactor in the first phase of the restart, until the reactor is operating at eight percent effect. At that point the second monitoring system takes over.

Sweden’s nuclear inspectorate (SKI) decided on Thursday that both reactors would restart, two months after they were shut down following an incident at Forsmark.

Forsmark 2 was expected to reach full production on Monday, but Andersson said that it would now be Wednesday.

“We’re expecting a delay of a couple of days,” he said.