Racist gang terrorises England ferry

A gang of violent Swedish racists terrorised passengers on a ferry between the English port of Newcastle and Gothenburg on Saturday.

The trouble started after the ferry, the MS Princess of Scandinavia, stopped in Kristiansand, Norway, on its way to Gothenburg.

“This xenophobic gang was fighting during pretty much the whole voyage. They have attacked anyone who didn’t look Swedish,” said Lars Gunnar Gustafsson at Gothenburg police.

“Among other things, they crammed themselves into a cabin and seriously assaulted a woman, attacking her face,” he said.

A large police contingent was waiting on the quayside in Gothenburg when the ferry arrived at 6pm on Saturday, after the eight-hour trip from Kristiansand. Four men were taken to Hisingen police station for questioning. They were arrested on suspicion of serious assault, and later transferred to Gothenburg’s main police station.

According to police commander Mats Haake, the four were all from the Gothenburg region – two from Grästorp, one from Trollhättan and the other from “an island near Gothenburg.”

The four were aged between 23 and 32. Haake would not say whether any of the men had made a confession. The four were the ringleaders of the brawl, but they had been supported by a large gang of around 15 people. The large number of troublemakers prevented security guards on the boat from dealing with the men.