One in four would pay for a cleaner

One in four Swedes would be interested in paying for a cleaner or gardener if it cost no more than 150 kronor an hour, according to a new survey.

The new government plans tax breaks for domestic services such as cleaning, gardening or laundry. The four Alliance parties say that this would lead to halved prices for customers.

Hiring a cleaning firm in Sweden currently costs an average of around 300 kronor per hour, but the tax relief would take this cost down to between 135 and 150 kronor per hour.

But a majority of Swedes think that cleaning is too expensive even at half the price, according to the poll taken by Sifo for Svenska Dagbladet. Households who today pay their cleaners cash-in-hand, avoiding the tax system altogether, currently pay 70-90 kronor per hour.

Of the 1,000 people asked, 24 percent said they were interested in paying for domestic services, six percent were uncertain and 70 percent said they would not pay for cleaning or gardening even with a tax reduction.

Men and women were equally interested in the services. People with higher levels of education were more interested than people with low levels of education, and people who vote for the Alliance were more interested than people who vote for the left-wing bloc.