Fewer teens to be called into army

Less than half of all 17 year olds will be called up for military service next year, according to Swedish Radio. The armed forces no longer need as many recruits and there is not enough money to finance the evaluation of all eligible candidates.

Instead, 54,000 17 year olds will be requested to fill in a questionnaire, on the basis of which 25,000 candidates will be selected by the National Service Administration.

Of the 25,000 candidates chosen for evaluation, only 5,100 will be recruited by the armed forces.

The National Service Administration, which has been hit by cutbacks, no longer deems it necessary for all 17 year-olds to attend a traditional enlistment to have their physical and mental health examined.

Candidates can now account for their own health in a questionnaire and do not need to produce a doctor’s certificate to verify their answers.

The National Service Administration’s regional manager for Gothenburg, Stefan Rehnström, told Swedish Radio that he is very supportive of the new selection method:

“Those who are healthy and interested will be called for enlistment. As it is now it is more general and everybody is called for enlistment. What will happen now is that we won’t get the ones who have poor health and a lack of motivation”.