Necrophile felt lust as church burned

The trial began today of a church warden in central Sweden who had sex with a woman's corpse and burned down a church. It is the first modern case in a Swedish court dealing with the crime of necrophilia. The man told the court this morning that he felt a sense of desire and liberation when he set fire to the church.

The trial in Västmanland district court is due to last two days. Besides the recent charge of “disturbing the peace of the dead” the man is also suspected of burning down Surahammar church in 1998. He is also accused of several instances of theft and vandalism, as well as a serious case of drunk driving.

The trial opened with the arson attack on Surahammar church in 1998. The 43-year-old church warden described how he set fire to the church with the help of three pictures of women he was interested in dating.

“There was no point in calling them. It would have just ended in a fiasco anyway,” he told the court this morning.

He also described how he experienced a sense of desire and liberation as the church went up in flames.

“It makes the problems go away,” he said.

The court will hear the necrophilia charge on Friday. The man has blamed his crime on the fact that he finds it difficult to make contact with women. He has admitted to all the charges.