Capio recommends new takeover bid

Swedish healthcare group Capio AB said its board is recommending shareholders accept a raised bid of 167 kronor per share from Opica AB.

Pension funds and other large shareholders representing around 37 percent of the shares and votes in Capio in total have stated that, based on Capio’s recommendation, they also support the increased offer.

The new offer values Capio at 17 billion kronor. The increased offer represents an increase of 1.43 billion kronor or 14 kronor per share or 9 percent compared to the original offer of 153 kronor per share.

“The board of directors of Capio unanimously recommends the shareholders in Capio accept the increased offer,” said Capio.

“The board assessed a number of alternatives and is of the opinion that the shareholders’ interests have been well served by the significantly increased offer from Opica,” it said.

Capio said over the last few weeks, it received several written offers from rival private equity companies “meaningfully above” the original Opica offer of 153 kronor per share. However the board found these parties were not able to offer a bid level its board could recommend.

Opica is owned by investment company Nordic Capital and French company Apax Partners.


How Sweden plans to digitalize healthcare

The Swedish government is investing in digitalization of its 1177 Healthcare Guide with the aim of improving accessibility.

How Sweden plans to digitalize healthcare
Today it's possible to find advice about health problems and treatment on the 1177 website. Photo: Claudio Bresciani / TT

The government on Thursday announced the decision to grant 33.5 million kronor to the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) to develop the 1177 Healthcare Guide (Vårdguiden), a website where people can find out information about different healthcare issues. 

“We hope that this will benefit all patients in the country,” Minister for Health and Social Affairs Lena Hallengren told reporters at a press conference.

She said that Swedish healthcare needed to become more accessible and that more digital options will be introduced to the 1177 Healthcare Guide, including for example the possibility to communicate via video calls.

Another aspect of the plan is the introduction of digital booking, and the possibility for patients to keep track of their referrals online.

Healthcare in Sweden is organized at a regional level and in some areas it is already possible to carry out an online doctor's visit, either via a chat function or a video call.

But the investment would be used to “weave together different functions”, the spokesperson for SKL's healthcare department said. 

It will remain possible to contact 1177 by phone as well, something which would be particularly important for groups which are less likely to turn to digital solutions, Hallengren said.

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healthcare – (en) sjukvård

accessible – tillgänglig

online doctor's visit – (ett) nätläkarbesök

patient – (en) patient

doctor – (en) läkare

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