Stockholm men wait longer to flee the roost

Men from Stockholm flee the roost later than men or women in any other part of the country, according to a new report presented by Statistics Sweden. Young males in the capital wait until they are almost 23 before finding their own home, while their counterparts from the countryside and small towns take the plunge at the tender age of 21.

Women generally move out earlier than men, although the home-leavers’ gender gap has narrowed since the 1970s. Women in Malmö, for example, packed their bags before their 21st birthday in the 1970s. They now wait until they have passed that milestone. Men meanwhile leave home slightly earlier than they did three decades ago.

By the age of 25 approximately 90 per cent of young Swedes have moved into their own homes. This can be contrasted with the nesting behaviour of young Italian men, 82 per cent of whom still live at home up to the age of 30.