Schyman hits moped teen

Feminist Initiative spokeswoman Gudrun Schyman crashed her car into a 15 year-old girl on a moped in the southern town of Simrishamn yesterday. Police are now looking into the incident.

Mia Hvitlock was on her way to her work experience at a dentist’s office at 8 am when the accident happened. She just caught a glimpse of Schyman’s car driving onto the roundabout before she was hit.

“It was a red Volvo. At first the driver stopped when I came along since I had the right of way. But then the car accelerated and drove straight into the side of my moped. I was sent flying a couple of metres before hitting the ground and I got a real shock,” Hvitlock told Aftonbladet.

The girl said that Schyman remained in her car after the incident and she only found out later who had driven into her. Another woman then came along and called an ambulance. Hvitlock was taken to hospital but was not seriously injured and was able to return home later in the afternoon.

Schyman called the girl’s father, Anders Hedlund, yesterday afternoon.

“She called and apologised for what had happened. She was very friendly. The whole thing was a complete accident and could have happened to anybody,” said Hedlund.