Reinfeldt: this feels unreal

Fredrik Reinfeldt admitted it felt 'unreal' as he was voted in as Sweden's new prime minister by the Riksdag on Thursday.

Reinfeldt had the support of 175 MPs against 169 in the vote to confirm him as the country’s new head of government. Five MPs were absent from the vote. The Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Green Party voted against him.

“It’s a great honour of course for a politically inspired person, especially one from a party that has not often had the opportunity to find itself in this situation,” Reinfeldt told a press conference following the vote.

“This comes with a great and heavy responsibility, the responsibility to recognize that someone with a lot of power carries a great responsibility to use that power in a sensible way, and to remember that very many people in this country depend on the decisions over which I have a great influence.”

“But can also admit that there’s a feeling of unreality about this.”

Britt Bohlin, leader of the Social Democrats’ parliamentary group, explained why her party voted against the choice of Reinfeldt.

“We did this to show that there is active support in the new Riksdag for increased justice between groups in society,” she said.

Reinfeldt’s government will formally take over power on Friday at midday, at meeting with the king at the Royal Palace.