Zombie hunters in demand in Sweden

If you have a Swedish hunting certificate and a medical background then you may have an unusual opportunity to combine your skills in Stockholm and Norrland. A TV channel has advertised on the Swedish employment service web site, AMS, for zombie hunters.

The interest in the vacancies has been enormous, according to press officer Mona Holmquist at Canal+.

“We’ve had over 200 applicants,” she told The Local.

Among them are a bodyguard, soldiers, doctors and hunters – as well as one person who claims to have been seeing the living dead since childhood.

The successful applicants will take part in an expedition in the north of the country before heading to Stockholm’s Stureplan on Friday, said Holmquist.

But why the sudden need for zombie hunters?

“We think zombies should be caught. And we happen to know that there will be a lot of zombies in Stockholm on Friday the 13th. That’s when they traditionally appear, you know,” said Mona Holmquist.

But she was vague about the salary – and about whether there would be a bonus for landing one of the undead.

“I think that’s something for our HR department to decide,” said Holmquist.