Necrophile church warden sent to secure hospital

A 43-year old church warden in Sweden has been sent to a secure mental hospital after he was convicted of having sex with the body of a dead woman at a church west of Stockholm.

The man admitted that he had violated the corpse at the church in Surhammar in Västmanland. A psychiatric examination showed that he had serious psychiatric problems, meaning that sending him to hospital was the only course open to the court. The man was convicted of ‘disturbing the peace of the dead.’

The verdict was delivered a few hours after counsel for the prosecution and defence had made their closing arguments. Prosecutor Eva Morén told the court that the man should have been sentenced to a long prison sentence if he had not been suffering from a serious psychiatric disturbance.

The man had also been convicted of burning down the old Surhammar church in 1998, and for several other cases of theft, arson and drink driving.