New Västerås attack most serious so far

Yet another woman has been attacked overnight in Västerås. Police suspect that the assailant is the same man who has recently accosted a series of women in the town and who has been dubbed 'the cycle man'.

“The description matches up,” said Västerås police spokesman Ulf Palm.

On this occasion a 20 year old woman was raped in Vasa park, in central Västerås. Previous attacks have not gone further than attempted rape or harassment.

Police have saved semen from the attacker which could be used to create a DNA profile.

The crime was reported to the police at about 2.30am, around half an hour after the rape is thought to have taken place. The 20 year old woman was on her way home from a bar in central Västerås and had just left a male friend.

A short while later the friend decided to follow her through Vasa park.

“He saw that she was lying in the park with a man over her, who he managed to pull off her,” Ulf Palm told TT.

The attacker ran from the park. He did not use a bicycle, something which has become a symbol of the series of attacks on the women in Västerås.

The woman was examined in hospital, where the traces of the man’s semen was taken. If this is indeed the same attacker as in previous incidents, this is the first time that any biological evidence has been found.

On Saturday morning police were waiting to interview the woman, who was described as suffering from serious shock. Her physical injuries were slight.

Apart from the woman’s friend, there were no witnesses to the attack.