“More than one man” behind Västerås sex attacks

Police now believe that more than one man could be behind a recent spate of assualts and incidents of sexual harassment of young women in Västerås.

“We’re not sure that it is the same man who has attacked the women, and we have never stated that this is a serial rapist,” said Ulf Palm, spokesman at Västmanland police, to TT.

According to Palm, the descriptions given by the women do not match. That is the case for the clothes, his features and the bicycle, in the cases in which a bicycle was used to get away.

Police have formed a special group for investigating the 15 attacks on women in Västerås since the beginning of last month. The most recent attack was on Friday night, when a 20 year old woman was raped in a park in the centre of the town.

In that incident, the attacker was able to carry out a full rape before he fled from the scene. He did not use a bicycle, in contrast to other attacks. In the belief that one man was behind the assaults, he was dubbed ‘the cycle man’.

Police were able to take a DNA sample from the man’s semen, and say that they are more hopeful of being able to catch him as a result.