Sixth Skövde nursery school burns

Police suspect that arsonists were responsible for a fire at a nursery school in the central Swedish town of Skövde on Monday night, the sixth fire at a Skövde pre-school since August.

The fire brigade was alerted to the blaze at the Solrosen pre-school just after midnight. The school had already been attacked in a previous arson attempt. Witnesses said that a young man was seen around the school at the time the fire started.

“It was a guy, under 20, and wearing dark clothes,” said Peder Andreasson at Skövde police to TV4.

The fire took hold of the building’s facade, but it was extinguished by a watchman. Four police cars and the fire brigade attended the scene.

“We suspect that this was started deliberately, and are therefore treating this as an arson investigation,” said Andreasson.

“We have a witness who may have seen someone setting light to the building.”

Five nursery schools in Skövde were the subject of night-time arson attacks in August. Three were completely destroyed, while two were damaged. Insurance company Länsförsäkringar has estimated the cost of the damage to be at least 50 million kronor.

A boy and a girl, both 15, were arrested at the end of September on suspicion of arson, but after a few days the prosecutor decided that while the pair remained suspects there was insufficient evidence to keep them in custody.

The Solrosen nursery school was first attacked on September 11th, but the fire did not take hold and smoke damage was limited.