Liberals aim for recovery with new secretary

The Liberal Party took steps to recover its socially liberal profile on Tuesday as it named Erik Ullenhag as its new party secretary.

Ullenhag, who failed to hold on to his Riksdag seat in Uppsala, will succeed Johan Jakobsson, who resigned over his role in the party’s spying on the Social Democrats’ computer network.

Party leader and education minister Lars Leijonborg said Ullenhag would be responsible for strengthening the Liberals’ organization and developing the party’s social-liberal profile.

“He has a burning political interest and competence in a number of important areas,” said Leijonborg.

“I believe that he has the ability both to strengthen the Liberal Party’s organization and to develop our policies.”

The Liberal leadership has recently faced internal criticism for its tough lines on education and law and order, which some people considered to have departed from the party’s social-liberal heritage. This criticism has become louder after the fall in the party’s support at the election.

Ullenhag said his aim was to “secure support from the voters for a further period in government after 2010, but with a stronger Liberal Party.”