Borelius: I made a big mistake

Sweden's new trade minister Maria Borelius has admitted making a "big mistake" in claiming that she paid her nannies cash-in-hand in the nineties because she couldn't afford to pay their employer fees. It later emerged that she and her husband had been high earners throughout the last decade.

“I really want to be a human politician, but it was stupid to make things difficult for myself,” she said in an interview with SVT on Wednesday.

“There is no excuse,” she added. “It is not OK to hire ‘black’ workers.”

Asked if she could remain in her job, Borelius said it was up to others to decide.

“Fredrik Reinfeldt has given me his confidence, and he knew about this when he asked me [about the job].”

In separate interviews with Aftonbladet and Expressen she said that she understood that it sounded ridiculous to say that she and her husband, Greger Larsson, couldn’t afford to pay employer fees for their nanny.

“My husband and I had separate finances. I did not have a big income and paid for certain things, my man paid for other things. I was the one who paid the nanny,” she said to Aftonbladet.

According to Expressen’s examination of the family’s tax declarations, Borelius’ husband earned 12.9 million kronor over the whole of the nineties. Borelius herself earned 3.8 million. Borelius was also given a 4 million-kronor house by her father in 1993.