Second hunter found dead

Two hunters have been found dead in the woods around Mellerud in the Dalsland region. The first body was found on Tuesday by the man's hunting companion. Today a second body was found not far from the first.

Police initially believed they were dealing with a suicide but later began to suspect that might not be the case, according to TV4 Väst.

“There was a car at the scene, as well as some other circumstances that led us to begin looking around the hunting lodge today. We then found another dead hunter approximately 75 metres from the lodge,” said police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg.

Injuries found on the body of the first man show that he was definitely shot to death. The second body will be examined when police technical staff arrive at the scene.

“There was a third hunter in the hunting party who alerted the police when he found his companion shot on Tuesday. We will have to see where that leads but some form of crime has been committed”, said Fuxborg.