Six arrested over Gothenburg double killing

Police revealed on Wednesday that six people have been arrested and are being held in Gothenburg and Småland on suspicion of involvement in the Hammarkullen double murder.

One man who has been charged in his absence is still at large.

Police investigating the killings in the small hours of Tuesday morning have now established that the two men were from Vietnam and were refugees in Sweden. One was 31 years old and the other was 26.

Of the six who were arrested, one is suspected of murder and another is suspected of the murder or of being an accomplice. The other four are being held on suspicion of harbouring criminals.

All six people are of Aisan origin and have, according to police, only loose connections to Sweden.

The man police are looking for is also suspected of murder. According to Göteborgs-Posten he is a 38 year old man from Gothenburg.

Both the victims were shot dead and a witness to the events after the murders described to police how at least two of the men left the scene. One of them was wearing a mask.

The shooting was the second in recent months in Hammarkullen. In the middle of August two men were shot in a car park near the apartment where Tuesday’s attacks took place. On that occasion, one man died while the other survived with gunshot wounds.

Police said that Tuesday’s murders are not linked to the gang disputes in Gothenburg which have resulted in several particularly violent deaths. The Hammrkullen deaths are instead thought to be related to a private dispute.