Sjödin guilty of Crazy Horse assault

Anna Sjödin, head of Social Democrat youth movement SSU, has been found guilty of assaulting a bouncer at a bar in Stockholm in January and fined 120 days wages.

The incident happened at the Crazy Horse bar in Stockholm’s Stureplan on January 29th. Doorman Babak Jamei was called to eject Sjödin, 30, and her friend, who were judged by the barman to be too drunk to be served.

The court believed witness statements that Sjödin had called the guard “djävla svartskalle” (“bloody blackskull”), a term of racist abuse, and had said that people such as him were not welcome in Sweden.

Four witnesses testified that Sjödin, a former rugby player, had used violence in resisting her ejection from the pub. The court said that there was strong evidence that Sjödin had challenged the bouncer’s authority. It also found that she had ripped Jamei’s badge from his jacket and taken it with her into a police car.

Sjödin had claimed that the bouncer was aggressive and that he had screamed profanities at her and her friend. She admitted that she and her companion had drunk a couple of strong beers, a third of a bottle of wine and one tequila each.

The court found Sjödin guilty on four charges, including that of assaulting a person holding legal authority. In addition to the fine, she has been ordered to pay 5,500 kronor in compensation to the bouncer.