Woman faked Västerås rape story

The alleged rape in central Västerås last Friday night never happened. The woman who made the claim has admitted that she faked the whole story.

During questioning by police on Thursday, the woman and a male friend revealed that she had lied about the rape.

“She had had sex with a friend in a place outside Västerås and it was there that she had the idea of being able to claim compensation as a rape victim. One thing led to another and it ended with her reporting a rape to the police,” said Ulf Palm, Västmanland police spokesmane, to TT.

According to the woman’s story, she was attacked in the Vasa park in central Västerås after a Friday night out. A friend managed to pull the rapist off her, but they said he managed to escape.

The report she made to the police prompted a major effort by the police, who are investigating a series of recent sex attacks on women in the town.

“It is important that we can now put this to one side and focus our resources elsewhere,” said Ulf Palm.

Police are now investigating whether the woman and her friend can be charged for fabricating the whole story.