Tsunami email backups found in government drawer

Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt announced at a hastily-arranged press conference on Friday that tapes containing details of emails sent after the tsunami have been found in the Government Offices.

According to Reinfelt, there are a large number of tapes which date from the disaster on December 26th 2004.

“These tapes are in an unreadable condition, but from what I’m told they are backups of email sent during the period of the tsunami catastrophe,” said Reinfeldt.

“It’s going to take a few weeks to recover the material.”

The government has contacted Johan Hirschfeldt, the chairman of the Catastrophe Commission which investigated the government’s handling of the disaster. He will be given the material and will decide whether the commission should be reconvened.

In total around a hundred tapes, marked ‘tsunamimail’, were found in a drawer in the cellar of Rosenbad. The discovery was made after a journalist said that the material was there and asked to see it.

Usually, security copies of email are deleted every eight weeks, according to the head of the government’s administrative department, Jan Landahl.

According to Landahl, there is no suggestion that someone tried to hide or erase the information.

“On the contrary,” he said.

Landahl said that it was his predecessor, Gunnar Holmgren, who made the decision to save the backups.