Eight hospitalised after Ystad gang fight

Two youth gangs from Ystad and Tomelilla in southern Skåne clashed on Saturday night in central Ystad.

Eight people were taken to hospital. Some of them had been seriously beaten up, but none of the injuries were life-threatening, said police.

A large number of youngsters were involved in the brawl. Several police units were sent to the scene at around 1am. But despite being strengthened by reinforcements from surrounding police districts, nobody was arrested.

The gangs dispersed quickly when the police arrived, many on foot and others in cars. According to witnesses, knives, stones, baseball bats and spiked clubs were used in the fight.

Hans Nilsson, spokesman at Skåne police, said that the brawl was part of a long-standing feud between a group of youths with a Swedish background and another group of immigrant origin.

“There was also talk of guns, be we haven’t confiscated any weapons,” Nilsson told TT.