Sweden tops EU transport robbery league

Raids on Swedish security vehicles last year earned robbers 106 million kronor - or 12 kronor from every person in Sweden. That figure is unrivalled in Europe.

The next worst-affected coutry is the UK. But there, the villains gained only a measly 3.4 kronor per inhabitant.

In France and Italy the earnings were even lower, at 2.5 kronor per inhabitant.

The figures come from the European Security Transport Association and were revealed in Dagens Nyheter on Monday morning.

Although the number of raids on security vehicles in Sweden has declined this year, criminologist and professor Jerzy Sarnecki expressed surprised over how impotent the police have appeared to be in response to the wave of robberies on Swedish roads.

He described it as “distressing” and told the paper that he did not understand why so little was being done when there are means available for limiting this kind of crime.

“It’s completely incomprehensible. The techniques and the methods for solving the problem are obviously there,” he said.

The measures which have been taken in the last year by the police and the security transport industry should have been put in place much earlier, argued Sarnecki.