Trouserless intruder “just waiting for police”

Luckily, it's not every day you see a trouserless man scoffing pizza and ice cream. But that was the unusual sight encountered by a security guard in Lund out on his rounds yesterday, according to GT.

The guard noticed that a window had been broken at the Economics Centre and went in to investigate the matter. There he found a man sitting at a table.

A number of things must have struck the guard as unusual. The intruder was calmly eating a slice of pizza, which he had taken the trouble to microwave. He had poured himself a fizzy drink and lined up some ice cream for dessert.

The man was not wearing any shoes, which was nothing when compared to his distinct lack of trousers.

When asked what he was doing, the man told the guard that he was waiting for the police.

The police duly arrived on the scene.

“My colleagues went over there and did indeed find a man naked from the waist down,” a police spokesman told GT.

The man is suspected of 12 crimes so far this year. When taken in for questioning the 30 year old man was arrested for breaking into the Economics Centre and stealing food.

It was decided that the man was likely to reoffend if released. As a result he got to spend a night under lock and key, with breakfast included.