Dynamite found at Gothenburg hospital

A stick of dynamite found by a member of the public at Gothenburg's Sahlgrenska Hospital on Tuesday afternoon has been disarmed by police.

The dynamite was found outside, between a parking garage and the hospital’s ear, nose and throat clinic. Police technicians decided to make the dynamite safe by shooting off the fuse.

Gothenburg police spokesman Jan Bertilsson said there was never a significant danger to the general public.

“We did, however, ask staff at a nearby clinic to stay away from the windows. We sealed off the footpath on which the dynamite was found, but we allowed nearby traffic to keep flowing,” he said.

The explosives were made safe at 5:17 pm, and the restrictions in the area were lifted soon after.

Police say they do not know how the dynamite ended up at the hospital.

“This will be investigated according to normal procedure,” said Bertilsson.