Little girl shows homing instinct

A three-year old girl in Malmö successfully used her homing instinct to navigate home from her daycare centre.

Feeling that her day’s work was done, little Hanna Gruda decided to hit the road. Half a kilometre’s walk is nothing to a kid on amission. She ambled happily along across the busy streets around Rosengård.

Edna Gruda meanwhile was just about to leave the house to collect her daughter when the little girl arrived under her own steam.

“Mum, I’m home. I’m a big girl!” she proudly announced.

Her mother was understandably not amused. She immediately called the centre to find out why her three year old daughter had been allowed to just wander off the grounds.

None of the three staff members, who were looking after a total of five children at the time, had noticed the girl’s disappearance.

Despite what has happened Edna Gruda has not moved Hanna to another daycare centre.

“But I have thought about it. My husband and I both work long days. When you are at work you have to be able to feel secure. What does a three year old know? She could have gone out onto the tracks at Persborg railway station,” Gruda told Sydsvenskan.