Hunter ‘killed with axe’

The 69 year old hunter murdered just over a week ago in Halland was struck in the head with an axe approximately a dozen times, an examination of his body has shown.

Police have been reticent with details but newspaper Hallandsposten has come into possession of post mortem results. These show that the man met with an extremely violent death and the murder weapon was an axe and not the man’s own shotgun, as had previously been speculated.

The man was out hunting deer with a 71 year old companion when the incident occurred. The older man told the police that he had driven ahead after their last radio contact at 2pm last Monday. When, twenty minutes later, he was not able to establish contact with his hunting partner, he sounded the alarm.

Rescue and ambulance staff who arrived on the scene and found the murder victim beneath a hunting tower calculated that he had been dead longer than twenty minutes.

Chief investigator Lars Hamrén however maintains that is impossible to say for certain when the man was killed.

The man’s shotgun was taken away from him in connection with the murder. Police divers have searched in a nearby lake and there has been an intensive search in the area around the murder scene. But police have not yet succeeded in retrieving either the shotgun or an axe.

Police have returned the 71 year old’s car after forensic analysis, which suggests that they did not find anything of interest there that might connect him to the murder.