Olofsson backs wind power

Maud Olofsson, Centre Party leader and new industry and trade minister, wants to construct more wind turbines in the wilds of Sweden, according to Dagens Nyheter.

“We have a lot of wilderness areas where there are relatively few people but plenty of wind. Why should we not be able to use these areas to produce electricity?” said Olofsson, whose ministerial portfolio includes energy matters.

Olofsson wants to see an improvement in energy effiency and the use of renewable energy sources. She is not convinced of the wisdom of buying into Russian-controlled Baltic natural gas.

“Gas is a finite resource too. Let us take the opportunity to invest in renewable energy resources in the future,” she said.

The new minister also wants to ensure that the Swedish energy market becomes more competitive. But she is not willing to speculate on whether this spells the end for state-owned energy giant Vattenfall.

Nor is she happy with the state and private sector’s joint ownership of nuclear power stations.

“It is an irksome fact that we currently have this joint ownership. We don’t think it is a good thing. Whether there is a practical possibility to change this I cannot answer for the moment,” she told DN.

Above all, Olofsson is keen to underline the importance of energy conservation.

“We still waste a lot of energy in households, industry and transport, even if we think we have done quite a lot. A kilowatt hour saved is the cheapest kilowatt hour by far,” she said.