Västerås attack woman ‘gave false information’

A woman who claimed that an unknown man attacked her in Västerås, west of Stockholm, on Friday night has now told police that the man was in fact her ex-husband.

Why the 34-year old woman gave false information is so far unclear. She told police in questioning that she and her ex-husband had been walking home together from the town centre on Friday evening.

“There was some kind of disagreement between them, but it is not believed to have been very serious,” Inspector Johan Stenvi of Västerås Police told news agency TT.

Nearby taxi drivers intervened in the row, and chased away the man, who disappeared on a bicycle. When police arrived the woman first said that an unknown man had attacked her. But now she’s changed her story.

“It feels good that this appears not to have any link to the other attacks,” said Stenvi.

“It would, however, have been appropriate for her to tell us this from the beginning. We’ve been working through the night and all of Saturday on this.”

The woman’s ex-husband was interviewed on Saturday evening, and he confirmed his involvement in the altercation.

Another man was arrested on Saturday, suspected of attacking a woman at the end of August. Police are to investigate whether he is linked to other reported attacks.

Around 15 women in the Västerås area have reported attacks since August. In several cases, the attacker has escaped on a bicycle. Police believe that they could be looking for between three and five different attackers.