House fire ‘may not have been accidental’

The death of a 41 year old man in a Stockholm house fire may not have been accidental, Expressen reports.

The man died in hospital on Tuesday as a result of injuries sustained in the fire the previous Saturday. The man’s 43 year old girlfriend was arrested on the same day as his death, suspected of setting her boyfriend alight.

A neighbour, Faisa Ahmed, witnessed the fire in Kallhäll, a north-western suburb of Stockholm. The 43 year old woman stood on the balcony while the fire raged.

“She looked completely calm. I was surprised that she wasn’t hysterical,” said Ahmed.

Another neighbour, Soufiane, saw the man make a desperate attempt to escape.

“He came stumbling down the stairs. His whole body was like a living torch. It looked like he was naked and he was burning all over. All his hair was gone,” he said.

As Soufiane ran home to place an emergency call, he heard the man’s girlfriend shout:

“Get the hell out of here!”

According to the same witness, the woman stood packing a suitcase while the house was ablaze.

“She seemed completely out of it,” said Soufiane.

Many neighbours have said that the relationship between the two was stormy.

“They were always arguing and screaming at each other. The police were over there on occasion. But on the day of the fire we didn’t hear any arguing at all,” one witness told Aftonladet.