Singer jailed for drunk driving

Sven-Erik Magnusson, who fronts the well-known Swedish dance band Sven Ingvars, has been sentenced to two months in prison for drunk driving, according to Svenska Dagbladet.

The singer drove from Gothenburg to Karlstad heavily under the influence of alcohol. He admitted to drinking both before and during the journey before he was finally stopped outside Karlstad. After his arrest Magnusson went public with his alcohol problem.

Magnusson had hoped to be sentenced to community services and had offered to sing at homes for the elderly in Forshaga. But Värmland district court felt the crime was serious enough to merit a prison sentence.

“I do not think there are any mitigating circumstances. He drove when he was very drunk and he did so on a long journey, to the extent that he was a traffic hazard,” said prosecutor Peter Claeson.