Sharp fall in Handelsbanken profits

Profits at Handelsbanken fell sharply in the third quarter, results released on Tuesday showed.

The bank’s third-quarter operating profit landed at 3.002 billion kronor, compared with a profit of 3.716 billion kronor in the same period last year.

Income from mortgage interest was being hit by a competitive market, while weak results from stock market-related operations was also hitting the company.

Turnover for the company was 5.633 billion kronor, compared to 6.413 billion kronor in the same period the year before.

“We have strengthened our position on mortgages, but the increase in volumes has not succeeded in compensating for the effects of the price pressure.

The bank’s personal lending increased 13 percent to 1 billion kronor. Lending in Sweden increased by 10 percent, while lending by overseas branches increased 27 percent.

Sweden remains Handelsbanken’s biggest market by far, although the bank also has branches in Norway, Finland, Denmark and Britain.