Stepfather convicted for rape and murder

The 27-year old man who earlier this year killed his 12-year old stepdaughter and raped her 13-year old friend has been sentenced to life imprisonment. The verdict is in line with case put forward by chief prosecutor Stefan Bergman.

The man was convicted of murder and rape by Handen district court.

“There is nothing worse that one could do than rape and murder a child,” said Bergman.

Just before the verdict was announced the father of the murdered girl asked the 27-year old if he ever longed for his own son. “Yes,” replied the defendant.

“And I long to meet my daughter. But it is an endless longing,” said the girl’s father.

He finished by warning the girl’s stepfather of the future he can now expect.

“I have a message from the boys in prison: they can hardly contain themselves,” he said.

The chairman of the court decided not to take note of the comment.

The defendant stabbed his daughter to death and raped her friend in a flat in the Stockholm suburb of Västerhaninge on May 27th this year. He was under the influence of anabolic steroids, alcohol and sedatives.

He claims not to remember anything of the events in question.

A psychiatric analysis yesterday concluded that the man is not seriously mentally disturbed.