Alliance falls behind in poll

Support for Sweden's ruling Alliance has fallen below that for the opposition left-wing parties, although the blocs are still less than two percentage points apart.

Nearly six weeks after the Alliance won the election, the four parties have the support of 46.7 percent of those asked by polling company Synovate Temo. The left-wing Social Democrats, Left Party and Green Party together have 48.6 percent support in the poll, published on Friday in Dagens Nyheter and Sydsvenskan.

Support for the Social Democrats rose 2 percentage points, from 35.0 percent to 37.0 percent.

Synovate Temo polled 2,669 people between 9th and 25th October. Respondents were asked which party they would vote for if there was a general election today.

The full results (with change since general election in brackets):

Moderate Party 26.9 (+0.7)

Liberal Party 7.1 (-0.4)

Centre Party 7.1 (-0.8)

Chr. Democrats 5.7 (-0.9)

Soc. Democrats 37.0 (+2.0)

Left Party 5.9 (+0.1)

Green Party 5.7 (+0.5)

Swed. Democrats 2.5 (-0.7)

Others 2.2 (-0.5)