Woman dies in riding accident

A 39-year old woman died on Saturday in a riding accident in Skåne, southern Sweden.

The woman died at lunchtime after becoming trapped under the horse. She died instantly after being crushed by the weight of the animal.

The accident happened at the woman’s home, situated near Färingtofta, outside Ljungbyhed.

Police say that there were witnesses to the accident.

“Somebody is believed to have been watching when the incident took place, but we don’t yet know about the circumstances that surrounded it. We will have to investigate what happened,” said Lars-Olof Anderberg of Malmö police.

Accidents involving horses are the second most common cause of sports-related injuries in Sweden. An official report from the Swedish Board of Social Welfare documented 9,900 injuries caused by riding accidents in 2003.

The figure corresponds to 8.9 percent of all sporting injuries, with only football-related injuries more common.

But Lotta Amnestål at the Swedish Equestrian Federation insisted that fatal accidents involving horses were uncommon.

“Fatal accidents are very uncommon, and I see no evidence of them becoming more common,” she said.