Old man murdered on his doorstep

A 31 -year old man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering an 83-year old man in his home near Eskilstuna, west of Stockholm, on Saturday afternoon.

The victim was at home with his wife at their rural home, ten kilometres from Eskilstuna, when there was a knock on the door. The man went to answer the door. The woman did not see what happened next, but heard a thud.

“Because she is old she didn’t react very fast, but she went over to find that the man was lying there. She called their son, who lives nearby, who came over and saw that the man was dead,” police spokesman Leif Engstrand siad.

The police and ambulance service were called to the scene at around 2pm on Saturday. Ambulance staff saw when they arrived that the man had been murdered. Police do not yet wish to reveal how the man died.

“We do not wish to comment on the possibility of having found a weapon, but firearms are not in the frame,” Engstrand said.

Later on Saturday, the 31-year old was called in for questioning. At 8pm the duty prosecutor decided to have him arrested on suspicion of murder. The man was under the influence of drugs, but nonetheless gave sufficient information to warrant his arrest.

The arrested man has previous convictions for violent crimes. He lives a few doors down from the murdered man.

“He hasn’t lived there for very long, and there was no relationship between him and the couple, although it’s possible that they had met.”

The 31-year old was said to be in poor psychological health and it was unclear when he could be questioned again – although interviews could continue on Sunday, police said. Doctors have taken samples from the man for analysis.

The police’s technical investigation is continuing.

“There is currently nothing to suggest that anyone else is involved in the murder, but we have not fixed our view on this man,” Engstrand said.