Man admits killing neighbour

The 31-year-old man suspected of stabbing an 83-year-old man to death on his doorstep in a small Swedish village has admitted to the crime.

The 83-year old was stabbed when he answered his door in the village of Ärla, near Eskilstuna, 110 kilometres west on Stockholm, on Saturday. In a hearing on Monday at Eskilstuna district court, the man admitted that he was the killer. He did not reveal his motive and refused otherwise to speak in court.

The judge rounded off proceedings by remanding the 31-year-old in custody on suspicion of murder. The court also decided that the man should undergo a psychiatric examination.

The man has not been able to explain his actions to police or to his lawyer.

“He’s in poor psychological health and said that he had been attacked by a monster,” said Leif Engstrand of Sörmland Police to news agency TT.

The arrested man is a neighbour of the dead man and his wife. There is no suggestion that he had fallen out with them. Most of the evidence appears to point to the killing being motiveless.

The old man died after answering the door on Saturday. His wife heard a thud in the fall. When she arrived she found her husband lying bloddy and lifeless on the floor. She did not see the assailant.

The 31-year-old quickly became the focus of the police’s attention. He was already known to the police for violent offences. He was sentenced to 8 years in jail in 1995 for killing a handicapped man.