Anna Sjödin to appeal

Social Democrat youth leader Anna Sjödin on Wednesday announced that she would appeal Stockholm district court’s verdict against her. Sjödin was fined for her involvement in a bar brawl at the Crazy Horse pub in Stockholm in January of this year.

The SSU chairwoman is calling for the appeals court to clear her of all charges. Her lawyer, Leif Silbersky, is of the opinion that the verdict was incorrect.

“I consider the verdict to be incorrect on several points. The district court has misjudged the value of the bouncer’s evidence. He supplied incorrect information and is not trustworthy,” said Silbersky.

According to Silbersky, Sjödin did not use the racist term ‘svartskalle’ (blackskull) in her dealings with the bouncer. Nor is the lawyer convinced that it should matter.

“Even if Anna Sjödin did say ‘svartskalle’ it is not against the law and I would like the appeals court to test that,” said Silbersky.

Anna Sjödin weas fined by Stockholm district court for abusing and drunkenly assaulting the bouncer Babak Jamal. She was also ordered to pay Jamal 5,500 kronor in compensation.