Continued snow strife for commuters

Snow was continuing to cause problems for travellers and commuters in many parts of Sweden on Thursday.

Temperatures in the south of the country were between minus 5 and minus 10 degrees centigrade on Thursday morning. Residents of the far north of Sweden were facing temperatures as low as minus 25.

While skies had cleared overnight, Wednesday’s heavy snowfalls had made their impact on the roads and railways.

Stockholm commuters were among the worst hit, with snow and ice causing problems for buses and the Pendeltåg commuter trains.

“The situation has improved a bit, but it’s still not very good. The Pendeltåg is running, but is suffering delays,” said Björn Dalberg at Stockholm’s local transport authority SL.

“With the buses there remain a number of problems. This is partly due to the fact that people have left their cars on the roads because of the ice. This has led to us being unable to get through,” he said.

The T-bana metro system was running as normal, Dalberg added.

Long-distance trains were also running normally during the morning, after Wednesday’s chaos. A few trains were cancelled – one from Stockholm to Gothenburg, one from Stockholm to Uppsala, and one from Stockholm to Västerås. Train operator SJ blamed the cancellations on staff shortages.

Around 3,400 households across the country were still without electricity on Thursday morning. Most of these – 2,400 households – were Vattenfall customers in eastern mid-Sweden. Around 1,000 Eon and Fortum customers in Småland, Västra Götaland, Halland, Värmland and Gästriksland were also cut off.

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