Woman falls down Stockholm lift shaft

A woman was injured on Friday when she fell down a lift shaft in a Stockholm shop.

According to SOS Alarm the woman managed to retain consciousness as she was taken to hospital.

“She appears to have fallen from a height of four metres,” Göran Hummelgård from Stockholm Police told news agency TT.

The accident happened at a clothes shop on Götgatsbacken in Stockholm.

Expressen reports that a 31 year old woman went through a lift door on the ground floor, not realising that the lift itself was up on the first floor.

A 47-year-old woman who witnessed the accident told Expressen how she heard a bang and registered what had happened.

“Then I ran upstairs and saw the same thing was about to happen with a baby’s buggy. The front wheels were over the edge,” she said.

The woman alerted staff who immediately called emergency services.

A technical investigation is to be carried out on the lift in order to ascertain how the accident came about and who is to be held responsible.