Apoteket profits pay off for staff

Employees at Apoteket are set to benefit from the national pharmaceutical retailer's healthy profits. Staffs are to be rewarded with two days off work at a cost of 40 million kronor to the company.

Apoteket’s pre-tax profit for the third quarter amounted to 274 million kronor, up from 213 million kronor for the same period last year. The company’s sales jumped from 8.6 to 9.0 billion kronor over the same period.

Apoteket employs 350 fewer people than it did last year. The increase in sales is largely due to higher prices for prescription drugs.

These changes have been made to prepare for an increase in competition. Within two to three years Apoteket’s monopoly may be no more than a memory.

The new government has said that it will deregulate the sale of medical products, meaning that Apoteket must shed its reputation of having long queues if it is to avoid losing too many customers.