Man arrested over double murder

A man in his thirties has been arrested in Stockholm on suspicion of murdering two women in and around the city on Friday.

Police received reports at 1:42pm on Friday that a woman in her fifties had been seriously assaulted in an apartment in central Södertälje, south of the capital.

“When we arrived at the scene ambulance staff were trying to revive her. They stopped after a while, as there was no prospect of revival,” police spokesman Anders Jönsson said.

Just after 2pm reports were received that another woman had been murdered. Police following up on the reports found a woman dead in her apartment in Sollentuna, north-west of Stockholm.

“A patrol was sent. In the apartment the police found a dead woman and it is suspected that she was killed,” said Peter Nymann of Stockholm Police.

Police are working on the theory that the two murders are linked. They say that their suspect, whom they are currently refusing to identify, knew both victims.

The suspect was born in 1970 and has no previous convictions.

Police said they did not want to say any more about why they suspect the man, nor would they reveal the nature of the man’s relationship to his alleged victims. They are working with an investigation of the crime scene and are knocking on doors to try to interview witnesses.