Four youths die in Skåne bus crash

Four teenagers died on Friday evening when the minibus they were travelling in crashed with a bus outside Svalöv in southern Sweden.

A 13 year old boy also suffered a broken leg and was operated on overnight in Lund.

The bus and the minibus collided on Rönnebergavägen. A 19 year old girl was driving the minibus, and her 17 year old sister and three teenage boys – foster children in the family – were passengers. They were on their way to Landskrona.

There were no passengers on the bus.

Many of the youths were trapped in the minibus after the smash. One girl and two boys, aged 14 and 17, died in the accident itself, according to Skåne police spokesman Charley Nilsson.

“The girls had borrowed the family’s minibus and were driving to do some shopping. The boys went along with them,” said Nilsson.

“It’s a very tragic accident.”

A second girl died on arrival at the hospital in Lund.

The 13 year old boy was conscious when he arrived at hospital on Friday evening, and doctors said that they did not believe he had any further injuries.

The driver of the bus suffered only mild injuries but was said to be in serious shock.

Rescue personnel in Svalöv said that the minibus had overturned in the accident, which happened after an evening of rain.

“It was slippery on the road but we don’t know if that was the cause of the accident,” said the emergency services’ information officer in Landskrona Christer Nilsson.