Police hunt Norwegian drug smuggler

Swedish police and customs officers are hunting a Norwegian who is suspected of trying to bring a large quantity of amphetamines into Sweden.

The 36 year old man is, according to the web site of newspaper Verdens Gang, a known criminal. He managed to give Helsingborg customs the slip on Friday evening and officers searched for him throughout the night.

The car he was driving remained at the toll point.

The man had arrived in Helsingborg on the ferry from Helsingör in Denmark when his car was stopped at customs. Customs officers said that they found a 30kg consignment of amphetamines.

Skåne police spokesman Charlie Nilsson confirmed that police are helping customs in the hunt for the suspected drugs smuggler.

According to VG the man has a previous conviction for robbery.

He was also suspected of being involved in the theft of 70 million kronor from Norsk Kontantservice in Stavanger. A police officer was killed in the 2004 raid, which was the biggest ever robbery in Norway. However, he was not among the 13 people who were convicted in March of this year.