Introducing…Carolina Gynning

Introducing... is The Local's guide to the fabulous world of Swedish celebrity. This week we look at self-styled blonde bombshell Carolina Gynning

Who is she and why is famous?

Adored by teenage girls and reviled by their terrified fathers, Carolina Gynning first carved her name into the national psyche when she emerged victorious from the Big Brother house in 2004. A heady mix of silicone, sympathy and sex in front of the camera quickly made her a household name.

But that was in 2004? Shouldn’t she have been put out to pasture with the rest of the Big Brother contestants a long time ago?

You would have thought so, but a combination of a bubbly personality and her own private silicone valley proved something of a hit with the television cameras. She has featured prominently on the box as a Formula 1 hostess, a Let’s Dance participant and, currently, as a presenter on TV4’s Förkväll.

Förkväll? Sounds like the sort of nice early evening entertainment show where the hosts get to talk to boy bands about ballads and the like?

Yes but sometimes she strays from the script a bit. Just the other day she got some stick for telling the members of Westlife that their slow songs often gave Swedish men inopportune erections on the dance floor.

Gracious! Is she always that rude on live television?

It’s been known to happen, but she was actually on the receiving end a few weeks ago. Kjell Bergqvist, a famous actor in these parts, told her that she had “lovely onions” in the middle of an interview.

What did he mean by that?

That she had lovely melons.

Oh. Was she pleased?

Not really, no. He was taking the mickey a bit. He thought she was setting a bad example for young girls.

Might he be right?

Well, last year she released one of those premature autobiographies that are all the rage. She describes a lifestyle that not everybody might regard as exemplary.

Haven’t time to read it. Synopsis in twelve words or less please.

Model at 17, boundless cocaine orgies in Paris, eating disorders, group sex.

So much for Swedish reserve and melancholy!

Oh no, none of that for Gynning. She’s the national bombshell.

Who says?

She does. She had Victoria Silvstedt on the show and they decided they were the international and national bombshells respectively.

Victoria who?

Oh dear, we’ve a long way to go. That’s another story entirely…